Grants Increasing Preschool Access May Lose Funding, Says Administration

A federal grant program that is expanding preschool access for children living in high-need communities—including Latino and English language… read more

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A Great Preschool Means Peace of Mind

When your child is under the supervision of an expert preschool teacher, he will remain healthy and happy while he’s learning social skills, fine motor skills and letters and numbers. This means peace of mind for you as you go about your day!

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The Benefits of Early Morning Childcare

Rushing around in the morning is hard enough, but when you add in a small child or two, you’re probably going to forget something. If you could use a few hours each day to create a more productive life for your family, early morning childcare might be just the answer.

Your Child Will Become More Independent

When you place your children, toddlers or even babies in a childcare program, they will become more independent and make new friends by:

•    Playing games
•    Singing and dancing
•    Doing arts and crafts

Developing social skills and learning to be courteous and kind to their peers is important to succeed in school and as an adult.

You Won’t Need to Worry About Their Safety

Leaving the kids at daycare while you run errands means you don’t need to worry about traffic accidents or them wandering away in the grocery store. While you’re navigating traffic or waiting in line, they’ll be spending time learning and having fun.

Your Family Will Enjoy Quality Time

With the knowledge that your children are in a safe and caring environment during the morning hours, you’ll be able to get more accomplished. This means you’ll have more time to spend playing games or watching a movie with everyone in the evening.

If you’ve been thinking about finding day care during the morning hours, now is the time. Click here to learn more about early morning childcare in Cary!

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Consider Classroom Size When Evaluating School Options

Tools like textbooks and technology make a difference when it comes to education outcomes. Classroom size does too. Students learn more in classrooms with fewer students. Find out about class size when evaluating schools.

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Only 11 Percent of Kids’ Books Are About Characters of Color

Percentage of children’s books written about characters of color, 1999: 6… read more

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Educating the Whole Child

With all the focus on student achievement on test scores, the value of a well-rounded education is being ignored. The world is not a standardized test. You want your child to get both a good academic education and learn the skills necessary to succeed in life.

The Skills That Matter

It’s important for your child to master math concepts and learn language skills. It’s equally important for your child to learn how to appropriately engage with others. A total classroom experience engages your child with classmates to learn cooperation and compassion to skillfully interact with a variety of people.

Enriched Learning

Technology is an amazing classroom tool. It can expand access to almost unlimited learning potential. The Internet, however, cannot replace actual experience. While your child does need access to a computer in the classroom, enrichments still matter. Hands-on art projects and field trip experiences are still an important part of a well-rounded education experience. STEM learning is important, but so is learning about music.

Community Matters

Beyond just teaching its students the basic classroom subjects, a school should engage the community around it. Engaged students confidently make positive contributions to their community and find their place in it.

To find a school where your child can receive a well-rounded education in Sunnyvale, follow this link.

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