Educating the Whole Child

With all the focus on student achievement on test scores, the value of a well-rounded education is being ignored. The world is not a standardized test. You want your child to get both a good academic education and learn the skills necessary to succeed in life.

The Skills That Matter

It’s important for your child to master math concepts and learn language skills. It’s equally important for your child to learn how to appropriately engage with others. A total classroom experience engages your child with classmates to learn cooperation and compassion to skillfully interact with a variety of people.

Enriched Learning

Technology is an amazing classroom tool. It can expand access to almost unlimited learning potential. The Internet, however, cannot replace actual experience. While your child does need access to a computer in the classroom, enrichments still matter. Hands-on art projects and field trip experiences are still an important part of a well-rounded education experience. STEM learning is important, but so is learning about music.

Community Matters

Beyond just teaching its students the basic classroom subjects, a school should engage the community around it. Engaged students confidently make positive contributions to their community and find their place in it.

To find a school where your child can receive a well-rounded education in Sunnyvale, follow this link.

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